Advantages of Piggable Paint System

14th Jun 2022

Advantages of Piggable Paint System

The paint industry is evolving every day. Customers have become more demanding and the paint jobs are now more complex requiring unique solutions every time.

Conventional paint systems are effective when you have a long paint job like painting a ship etc. However, when you need to apply different colors in small quantities, a conventional paint system will waste paint. Examples of such paint jobs are specialty vehicles etc.

A piggable paint system solves the paint-waste problem. A piggable paint system uses pigging technology to increase system efficiency.

What is Pigging

Pigging is the process of cleaning paint pipeline with the help of device called pig.

A pig is made with foam or any flexible material like polyurethane. A pipeline pig cleans the paint pipelines.

The paint pipeline pigging system employs pigs to clean the pipeline and improve system efficiency and color accuracy.

Why use Pigging?

Pigging is a paint pipeline controlling and cleaning technology. It uses a small device, called a pig, that is slightly larger than the paint pipe diameter. A pig for paint pipelines is made of foam or polyurethane with multiple rings for cleaning.

A pig cleans the paint pipeline, pushes the old paint out, and reduces the time for paint switching. A paint plant can load new paint into the system in as low as under 5 minutes with the help of pigging.

Pigging in the paint system also allows for using small quantities of paint. In a conventional paint system, a pipeline has to be filled fully for the paint stations to work properly. However, with piggable paint system, you put only the required amount of paint and apply a pig behind it.

The pig is then pushed with compressed air and it shoves down the paint to the painting station. This way, only the paint required for the job is applied and there is almost no paint waste.

Conventional vs Piggable Paint System

A conventional paint system is suitable for old, large, and prolonged paint jobs where one color is applied in very large quantities. However, with changing industry dynamics in the paint industry, conventional paint system has become less effective.

A piggable paint system is increasingly replacing the conventional paint system. Here are some reasons why a piggable paint system has become popular.

  • A piggable paint system is suitable for small paint quantities.
  • It improves paint system productivity
  • Enhances color accuracy
  • Improves paint usage and economy
  • Saves paint solvent
  • Reduce paint system operating costs
  • Piggable paint system can be fully automatic
  • Very useful and economical for over-the-road truck painting and specialty vehicle painting

MicroPigs for Piggable Paint System

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