Cleaning of Paint Supply Pipelines with Paint Pigs

paint pigs

Traditional paint pigs are simply foam plugs that are forced through the pipeline using compressed air. These traditional pigs were used only once, and involved a time-consuming, labor intensive and messy process.

However, the paint finishing market has experienced exciting new developments in recent years, adding high levels of sophistication to the process. Conceptualized in Europe, paint pigs are taking the world by storm, bringing about three new pigging applications.

Permanent magnetic core paint pigs – Permanent paint pigs are molded cylinders made from a flexible, solvent-resistant material. It has two raised, circular rings around the circumference and is designed to remain inside the system, thus eliminating the need for manual insertion and removal. has a vast selection of micro pigs including paint pigs.

Paint Pigs for Delivering Limited Paint Volumes


Many paint system operators – especially specialty vehicle suppliers – lose paint due to the need for continuous sequences of one-time custom colors. Paint pigs help eliminate the waste by allowing the operator to load the minimum required volume of paint into the circulation line. They would then inject the paint pig behind it to push the limited volume paint slug down the line to ensure not a drop goes to waste.

The paint pigs system should then allow you to retrieve unused paint from the lines.

Micro Paint Pigs

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