MicroCast Pig

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  • Solid cast 70 durometer Polyurethane.
  • Flat on both ends with alternating wiping discs.
  • Colors may vary according to production runs.
  • Multiple-use, good chemical resistance.
  • Limited flexibility, can be more difficult to launch than our MicroFoam pigs.
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5 units
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Product Overview

Micro Solid cast pigs for pipeline cleaning is made with solid polyurethane. It is harder than the foam pigs and provides better cleaning of the pipeline.
A micro solid cast pig is a pipe cleaning pig with alternative cleaning disks on both sides. It gives good cleaning from the inside.
We are offering foam pigs pipeline cleaning & microcast pig in three sizes.

  • .625″ @ $16.00
  • .750″ @ $16.00
  • 1.00″ @ $21.00

Buy the Micro solid cast Pigs today or contact us for more details.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review